Monday, 22 April 2013

One in All and ALL in ONE.

Spring... Onions we can eat all year, being forced to grow out of season. Onions that when opened brings a tear, cut to the heart, for what reason? A coil of metal, inside a watch, How quickly time flies… tick tock! tick tock! Moments, taken to reflect on the past. Making memories, good and bad, that last, and last, and last. All around the flowers are growing... Budding with promise, and intrinsically KNOWing… The warmth of the Sun is changing their nature Like The Son who does the same with nuture... The coil of possibility inside us... tightening and relaxing depending on what An act of will causes, but patience. . . with pauses. . . Create a Holy Space for God to act, and bring about changes ... Changes that last ... completing the Circle Of life … His intention? To restore His image In His creature, His invention... To bring to fulfilment, His likeness... let in the healing from sickness, the sickness of sin SO... Lord Jesus, come in… Come in… Come IN …To our broken places, Especially our mind And bring us to life with You And ALL of MANKIND

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