Monday, 22 April 2013

Aspects of prayer

Turn off all stimuli, the noises of the world; And the hiss of mankind praying will be heard. Awareness begins to take place; Hear: Cars on the road. The beating of the wings of a bird… It’s song thrilling ears, to raise the heart, and lift eyes and focus them into the skies; Eyes that see … endless possibility. Feel the firmness of the ground Under feet that walk the path of life each day. Bathe: (in water) a body, and wash it’s sins away. Touch the softness of a newly unfurled leaf, A blade of grass, an acorn seed. Smell the season of summer begin. Taste the fresh herbs to season life’s offering. What is prayer? To be… aware of the moment and what is… And use all those discoveries. If acitivity; then act to the fullest. If stillness; then remain in the hush. If struggle; then employ the fight. If dying; then leave, with calm serenity, Knowing … All is satisfied, All is complete.

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