Saturday, 26 July 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Niece!

Everything is possiblity
when viewed with eyes and heart open
But, should you choose to accept the mission,
will mean many changes, but much love.

This is how I love you dearest, and uniquely, my only Niece,
and if you look in your heart with the eyes of your mind,
you will find that which you are seeking.

You will!
Don't believe me,
do it for yourself,
for that is who you are -

If it's too much like hard work - focus on how much worth you will discover
and the wealth of treasure and hope you have kept hidden!

You are Indiana Jones, follow the clues, and you will find true happiness.

Sing a song.... don't worry that it's not good enough... JUST SING!

Happy Birthday Lou... ALL love...

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