Saturday, 2 March 2013

Healing is not recovery - it's more that that!

Recovery is not about finding what we had before but thought we had lost, but discovering that what gives me life today. A physical illnes can leave soemone DISabled, it is sowith a mental and emotional illness too, but, what they both do, is bring us to a place of a changed life. What I now am is other-ABLED, able to do that which I could or would not do before - take another way. I have also learned that NOT ALL CHANGE IS BAD or negative. It's just the culture of selfishness that pampers to the self "What I want I can have, and money must be thrown at it until it is acheived!" Being with my friends has taught me to give myself what I need to heal and not take it from others. They have their own journey. We do it side by side, not in each others pockets! Thankyou to all who have been with me on the journey.

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