Sunday, 4 October 2009

Therese of Lisieux... Memory Eternal!

When we pray for someone who comes into our life, it is easier to tell God what we believe is best for that person, especially those who are to be close to us.
The hard part is to say Thy Will Be Done...

Saint Therese of Lisieux seemed to "get her own way" with God every time she requested something of Him. But, what she didn't realise was the cost to her as it was God in her working out His purposes, she was just was the speaker for The Word of God to grant God's mercies and graces as are all those who follow Him. She came home to who she was, and had the grace to know what would fulfill her from an early age. She came to realise the cost of discipleship

Stephen; Welcome Home...
Don't look back during your life on Earth. You have been called to a higher purpose and He has work for you to do... Love and Mercy is the Key to opening the doors you think are fast shut, but as you walk each step of this life you will discover who you are. May you also have the grace to know what will fulfill you from your early age.

Peace be with you and LOVE you always...

Your big sister; Catrina. X X X

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