Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Aunt Olga May Steer

When our loved ones who live far away die, the reality doesn't sink in for many weeks, even when the funeral is over and life continues as if they were never there.
It's like a wound that cuts very deep, but, as it heals, the skin knits but the scar is always visible.

This life seems like a dream.

I go about my daily life, and all around the world others' lives are coming to an end.
One day mine will too.
I hope and pray that I may know the reality to which Saint Paul refers: "Then we shall know even as we are known. Now we see as in a distorted mirror, then we shall see clearly and face to face".

Rest in peace, Dear Aunt Olga, with Uncle Jack, Dad, Linda, and Mike's Dad, Malcolm.

Love you FOREVER... We'll meet again... Lord, Have Mercy.

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