Friday, 18 April 2014

when virtual life is all I have

Not being able to attend Holy week services has been not what I expected from life, as bus driving is now out of my life. A viral infection has stopped me. Waiting in the silence between bouts of coughing has been a continuation of the silence of depression and it's doing great healing on a deeper level. Of this I am sure. Or maybe it's the calm before the storm of Woofs and Walks, the new path I have chosen. Although, it feels more like it has chosen me! Thank you to all who have supported during this time of change, especially dear Michael and his Mum, Shirley Carolyn. And to my friends. Your words and wisdom have helped me, broken me and remade me to shape me for this new venture. I also must thank Dunlop and Heidi, without who's trust and love I couldn't do Woofs and Walks. May we meet on every walk I take a dog on, and with every woof that is heard in the house. I love you. Blessed Pascha everyone. Christ IS Risen!

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