Monday, 10 October 2011

The Masters Face.
Inspired by Phyllis Blockley.

I have a likeness of My Lord, upon a cloth, kept so secretly.
Which He made by rising from the dead.
The Light, from All Eternity
shone in the darkness;
And the darkness comprehended it not.

The sign of death that causes the life of all?
A weapon invincible,
and The Weapon of Peace.
The Cross,
meant for shame, came to be
a sign of Victory for me.

I see, in lives of humility,
this sign, carried, for love of me.
So, I depict on wood
all the good,
which attracts life, to LIFE;
through death.
Life fulfilled.
Life fulfilling itself.

The Image created Itself.
And broke It's Self, to heal all things.
The Image envisaged no greater love,
because LOVE
knows no other than Itself.

"Let there be Light"
There was,
and is,
and ever shall be,
in those who live for eternity,
who look for the life that created "all this"
and gives itself. Continually.

1 comment:

Katerina said...

When printed out for a frined recently, I discovered that if this is printed out using centered aspect in a word document, it looks like the shape of a chalice!
I wonder how that happened, when I only typed the words on my blog?!