Sunday, 14 December 2008

A year...

One year ago today my Dad left me.
It wasn't because he wanted to go, but his body was throwing him out.
His illness had become to hard to bear and he wanted to know how to get out, so I said "You and your body have to part company".
I saw the light go out in his eyes.

Two days ago I had a dream.

My Dad came into a room full of the people he loved both living now, and departed and he went round them all, asking them to forgive him. When he came to me, he cupped my head in his hands and I put my arms round him, he looked into my eyes and said "I LOVE YOU", "I want you to remember this time now, not what was said the last time I died".
Then I woke up from that dream with peace and quiet in my mind and heart, and have slept better these last 2 nights than the whole of this past year.

Thank you, Dad,(and God) for giving me all the love and the memories, and taking the pain of grief away when it becomes so painful, with the remeberance of LOVE.

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